Mumbai Spiceworks, a wholesaler and retailer of Indian spices (masalas) has opened its doors with the intention of supplying good quality masalas to bring back that richness in all crusine types. CEO, Bhavesh Ramchandani says ”In a high price sensitive market, adulteration has robbed the kitchens of that richness and therefore we are going back to the basics” Bhavesh believes firmly that every meal should be an experience that excites the mind through the sense of smell and taste not only for the person who relishes the meal, but also for he or she who prepares it. This is what is the true gustatory experience. To deliver on the quality promise and to ensure that each purchase passes the three F criteria, Bhavesh explains how the Mumbai Spiceworks masalas are obtained from all over India. His procurement team travels around the country making sure that the best regional ingredients are obtained. Controlled inbound logistics and stringent and supervised packaging in his factory ensure that each purchase will be to the delight of his clients.

Cooking is an art, and the right masalas help create a masterpiece that will see your guests clean those pots out! But remember while there may be a reluctance to share the recipe, she may just tell you where the condiments were purchased & THAT’S THE REAL SECRET.

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